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  • avocado-and-erectile-dysfunction
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    What You Need to Know About Avocado and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

    Avocado not only increase your energy and stamina because they contain abundant minerals and carotenoids, but can also treat erectile dysfunction. Nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, thiamine and riboflavin have been linked to increased male libido. Avocado are also rich in monounsaturated fats which are good for increasing blood circulation to the […] More

  • b12-food-sources
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    23 Top List Vitamin B12 Food Sources and Benefit Vitamin B12 for Health

    Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins that is needed by the body, has many extraordinary benefits, and cannot be made by your own body. Therefore, vitamin B12 can be found in some animal products and food supplements. Some foods that are a source of vitamin B12 include beef liver, shellfish, sardines, tuna, salmon, cheese, […] More

  • bananas-effect-on-testosterone
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    Know Bananas Effect on Testosterone and Food that Increase Testosterone

    Testosterone production will peak in adolescence, and decrease when you are 30 years of age which can lead to reduced sexual arousal and physical fitness. Various nutritious foods can speed up the production of testosterone hormones such as bananas, asparagus, cabbage, honey, garlic, eggs, almonds, oranges, and spinach. Bananas not only have various nutrients that […] More

  • herbs for hay fever allergies
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    26 Most Effective Food and Herbs for Hay Fever Allergies

    Herbs remedies have been chosen by many people for hay fever allergies because of minimal side effects if used with the right dose. There are many types of herbs that can be used to treat hay fever allergies such as onions, turmeric, ginger, peppermint, rosemary, honey, nettles, green tea, and others. Hay fever allergies usually […] More

  • green coffee and ginger weight loss


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    7 Recipe Green Coffee and Ginger for Weight Loss

    The recipe for combining green coffee with ginger is very good for weight loss, and improving health. Green coffee and ginger can increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and burn your fat. Chlorogenic acid compounds in green coffee are the main active ingredients that play a role in losing weight when combined with a healthy diet and […] More

  • food-that-cause-cancer
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    Top 18 Foods That Cause Cancer

    Cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases in the world that many people avoid. Did you know that the food we eat every day can be one of the causes of cancer. Popcorn, fries, snacks, red meat, soda, and alcohol are some foods that can increase cancer risk. These foods are not only a […] More

  • foods-to-prevent-cervical-cancer


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    30 Foods to Prevent Cervical Cancer for Women

    Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, carotene, flavonoids, and folate are believed to help prevent cervical cancer. Flavanoids are chemical compounds in fruits and vegetables as the main source of protection against cancer. Foods rich in flavonoids such as apples, asparagus, peanuts, broccoli, cabbage, cranberries, garlic, lettuce, soybeans, and spinach. While […] More

  • fruit and veggie detox

    61 Best Fruits and Veggies Detox for Body

    An easy way to detox for body is to consume fruits and veggies which can naturally cleanse the body of poisons and other harmful substances. Detox for body can overcome various problems such as being overweight, inflammation, skin problems, fatigue and others. Here are the 61 best foods consisting of fruits and veggies that can […] More

  • fast-metabolism-diet-recipes-smoothies


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    10 Best Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes Smoothies

    The smoothies recipe I will share is smoothies that you can drink for fast metabolism diet. All of these smoothie recipes contain ingredients that can improve metabolic processes and are very good for the health of the body. I make these smoothies with ingredients like oats, blueberries, banana, apple, kiwi, cucumber, avocado, cranberries, lemons, spinach, […] More

  • best-foods-to-lower-cholesterol



    30 Best Foods to Lower Cholesterol LDL and Increase Cholesterol HDL

    High cholesterol can be lowered by a diet that can reduce cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oats, salmon, olive oil, and foods containing sterol, you can consume to lower cholesterol LDL. Fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges and strawberries are best foods that have high soluble fiber called pectin which has been shown to reduce […] More

  • extreme-weight-loss-drink
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    14 Homemade Extreme Weight Loss Drink Recipe in a Week

    Losing weight for most people is difficult. When you get bored with ordinary methods, you can try other diet techniques called the liquid diet. One of the foods or drinks that you have to consume in a liquid diet is a drink that can lose weight. The weight loss drink recipe in this article uses […] More

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    22 Kyoho Grapes Benefits for Health

    Kyoho grapes offers many health benefits because it has several important nutrients that are associated with cancer prevention, heart disease, constipation, kidney disorders, indigestion and high blood pressure. There are many types of grapes in the world such as Drops of the moon, Concord, Pinot noir, Lemberger, Sweet job, Valiant, Champagne, Crimson seedless, Kyoho, Fry […] More

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