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25 Herbal Medicine for Brain Tumor without Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy

Brain tumors in health care have various types including glioblastoma multiforme, neuroglioma, meningioma, and others. Patients with brain tumors usually have symptoms such as nausea, severe headache, vomiting, memory loss, loss of vision, and personality changes. Brain tumors can be caused by various things such as improper eating patterns, decreased immunity, toxins, genetic conditions, exposure to infections, lack of oxygen and others.

Many people do not know about the spread of cancer cells throughout the body is the most dangerous thing. You cannot prevent the spread of cancer cells through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. One thing you must definitely do is how to prevent it from developing again, the tumor has shrunk.

Treatment of brain tumors with chemotherapy will leave the remaining tumor cells that can mutate and change aggressively over time. This happens because the brain has a gentle nature, so that when the growth of malignant cells, it can attack healthy brain tissue around it which triggers brain tumors.

People who suffer from brain tumors usually have a declining quality of life. Therefore the lifestyle you live in will determine the healing and prevention of brain tumors. Nutritional support is one of the most effective natural treatments for brain tumors. Nutrient-rich foods can be used for natural cancer treatment without harmful effects on healthy cells such as conventional brain tumor treatment.

Brain tumor treatment with a balanced approach is the best solution because it combines medical care and herbal medicine. Herbal medicine for brain tumors are natural or organic treatments and come from plants. Herbal medicine can cure brain tumors naturally by reducing the size of brain tumors and preventing and treating symptoms of brain tumors.

Herbal medicines are chosen by many people rather than the treatment of conventional brain tumors such as tumor removal by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy which generally does not guarantee the total recovery of the patient. Conventional brain tumor treatment has many side effects on the body and can shorten the age of patients with brain tumors, which generally have a survival rate of only 9 months.

Herbal medicine for patients with brain tumors can be done by regularly consuming foods such as green vegetables, fruits, turmeric, ginger, basil and drinking green tea. Nutrient-rich foods above have antioxidants that function to inhibit free radicals which can reduce brain inflammation and accelerate the regeneration of cells damaged by cancer cells. In addition, high antioxidants can increase endurance and stamina to fight brain tumors. You can make it as vegetable juice, fruit juice, tea drink or eat it directly.


Curcumin compounds in turmeric can reduce inflammation by inhibiting microbial activity in the body. The curcumin compounds contained in turmeric root are also powerful for slowing Alzheimer’s disease, regulating blood sugar, and preventing the growth of fat. In addition turmeric is also able to improve the immune system of patients with brain tumors. The curcumin compounds help destroy cancer cells and slow the growth of cancer cells. This is in accordance with the cancer research that says that curcumin inhibits the formation of enzymes that causing cancer.

There are many ways to consume turmeric for patients with brain tumors, by making a drink from turmeric or mixing it in your food. You can also add a teaspoon of turmeric powder into coconut oil then heat for a few seconds, then add also black pepper powder, then let it cool. Consume this mixture as much as one teaspoon three times a day to get maximum results.

You can consume it in very low doses and can be used with chemotherapy drugs for more effective results in killing cancer cells such as a 2007 study in colon cancer. According to some studies, curcumin is not only able to kill brain tumor cells, but also breast cancer cells, colon cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer.


Ginger is not only able to treat nausea and headaches for patients with brain tumors but can also kill the cancer cells themselves. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help you to boost immunity and inhibit cancer cell growth. Ginger has a compound called 6-shogaol that is more potent than cancer treatment by chemotherapy. You can use ginger as a drink or ginger juice as an alternative treatment of cancer.

You can use ginger with turmeric and honey for cancer treatment, drink every day a mixture of 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of ginger or turmeric. Honey can make cancer cells become normal cells again because it has microbial killing agent. You can also make fruit salad or vegetable stir fry by adding fresh ginger into it.

3.Rodent Tuber

Rodent tuber is herb that is widely found in southeast Asia commonly used for traditional medicine various types of diseases such as reducing swelling, stop bleeding, detoxification, and cancer. Some cancers that can be cured by rodent tuber are breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and liver cancer. Some studies reveal that rodent tubers can become anti-cancer NCI-H23 by inducing apoptosis.

Rodent tuber extract contains ribosomes, antioxidants and curcumin which strengthens body cells in the fight against cancer cells. Rodent tuber or typhonium flagelliforme extracts cause cancer cells to undergo cell shrinkage, DNA fragmentation, blebbing membrane, cytoplasmic extrusion and cancer cells in apoptosis.

4.Black Cumin

Black cumin effectively disables cancer cells because it has a thymoquinone compound. This compound has cytotoxic activity in cervical cancer cells. Thymoquinone has been shown to be effective in inhibiting various stages of cancer such as proliferation, migration and invasion.
Thymoquinone is also an anticancer agent not only in cervical cancer, but also in breast, pancreatic, prostate, blood, oral, bone, head and neck, liver and lung cancers.

5.Boswellia Serrata

Several studies have shown that Boswellia Serrata is clinically proven to be used for the treatment of brain tumor, breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and stomach cancer.

Treatment of brain tumor patients with Boswellia Serrata is very effective because it can reduce inflammation. The resin content in the tree is what can be used to reduce inflammation in brain cells. Brain tumor cells will develop apoptosis when Boswellia Serrata is consumed in the body.

Boswellia Serrata used brain tumor treatment by extracting it. This extract is often referred to as a frankincense essential oil that has been widely studied for the treatment of brain tumors.  The incense oil can influence the genes in the body to promote self-healing as the researchers from Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas have pointed out. You can rub the essential oil of incense on the neck 3 times a day, but it can also be drunk with a mixture of water.

6.Cannabis Oil

Some cases that occur, indicating cannabis oil therapy can cure brain tumor disease and remove brain tumor cells thoroughly. This therapy has different success rates depending on the way and condition of the severity of the patient. Cannabis oil therapy can also relieve joint pain, chronic headaches, and lower blood pressure.

You can do cannabis oil therapy by drinking 60 grams of concentrated cannabis oil for 90 days. You can get cannabis oil by purchasing it online because it is very difficult to find it in some drugstores.

7.Fish Oil

Eating fish oil regularly is a natural treatment for brain tumors. Omega 3 content in fish oil can reduce inflammation and boost immunity of brain tumor patients. You can consume fish oil in capsule form 2 times a day or consume salmon without frying it. The salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.


Drinking water olive juice, has many benefits for patients with brain tumors. The juice of olives contains a unique compound called hydroxytyrosol. This compound can inhibit the spread (metastasis) of brain tumor cells to other normal cells and can kill these cancer cells.

In addition to the fruit, olive oil is also able to cure cancer. Olive oil is a type of unsaturated fatty oil that can make regeneration back our damaged body cells. Conventional oils that we often use or commonly referred to as saturated fatty oils can destroy healthy cell membranes that cause healthy cells to become unhealthy. You can learn the Budwig diet protocol that uses unsaturated fatty oils for cancer treatment.

9.Mistletoe Extract

The mistletoe extract could destroy cancer cells and boost the immune system in the face of disease. This semi-parasitic plant can also help detoxify liver organ to help accelerate the healing of tumor diseases. The mistletoe extract is an alternative to herbal medicine that has no harmful side effects for the treatment of brain tumors.

10.Papaya Leaf

Consuming papaya leaves is proven empirically and scientifically overcome breast cancer cells. Papaya leaf extract of Grendel dose 659.63 microgram per ml able to kill 22.54% breast cancer cell. Some studies show that antioxidants in papaya can be effective anti-cancer agents. Papaya leaf is also able to stop the cancer cell metastasis process, and stop the growth of breast cancer cells.

11.Rosemary Leaves

Rosemary leaves efficacious for treating brain tumors because they contain terpen fatty acids. This substance can prevent the spread of brain tumor cells and cause death in brain tumor cells. Some studies have also revealed that the use of rosemary leaves with chemotherapy treatment in patients with brain tumors causes cancer cells to absorb chemotherapy drugs better if compared without the use of rosemary leaves.


Beetroot juice has nutritional content that can kill cancer cells and detoxify the body by cleansing toxins and residual metabolism. The red color in beetroot consists of betalains pigments. Betalains pigments act as anti-cancer. Betalains in beetroot serve to reduce the concentration of homocysteine in the body thus minimizing the risk of inflammation of the cell.

13.Chicken Feet

Extract of chicken claw with concentration of 61 ug/ml able to inhibit or kill 50% cancer cell. Selaginella plana contains flavonoids, biflavanoid, phenolic, alkaloid, and lignin. Active compounds that trigger cancer cells to commit suicide or apoptosis.

14.Green Tea

In addition to helping improve circulation in the body, drinking green tea is also able to fight cancer cells by inhibiting the growth of brain tumor cells. Green tea has a high antioxidant content to help body cells stay healthy.


The content of polyphenols, antioxidants and proanthocyanidis in chocolate more than that found in green tea and red wine. Chocolate can be used for the treatment of brain tumors by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Chocolate limits the blood vessels that contribute to feeding the cancer cells. Treatment using chocolate can be done by eating black chocolate every day. Choose black chocolate instead of milk chocolate because dairy products do not provide protection for cancer.

16.Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushroom extract has been recognized in the treatment of brain tumor symptoms. Several studies have revealed that drinking a maitake mushroom extract for 6 months with conservative care makes, patients with brain tumors considerably improved. Patients with brain tumors can benefit from this maitake mush by boiling a teaspoon of maitake mushroom powder into 250 ml of water for 30 minutes. Strain the cooking water, then drink 2 times a day for 6 months.

Some other fungal species such as cordycep and reishi according to the study were able to shrink the tumor and boost the immune system. Mushrooms can also be consumed to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment in chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as nausea and hair loss. You can also add vitamin C supplements to better cancer treatment outcomes.

17.Brazilian Peppertree

Drinking 2 times a day of Brazilian pepper extract in 6 months of treatment can cure brain tumors. Brazilian pepper extract is one of the herbal medicine that you can make easily at home to cancer fighting. How to make it is by mixing 5-6 Brazilian pepper into 300 ml boiling water, leave for 1 hour and strain to get a drink Brazilian pepper extract.

18.Vetch Milk

Vetch milk is known as Astragalus glycyphyllos which is a flowering plant. The dried root of Astragalus has the largest concentration of active compounds for cancer treatment. Saponin compounds in vetch milk according to research proved to induce apoptosis in cancer cells in the liver and colon. Vetch milk able to improve the quality of life of cancer patients through the reduction of symptoms of fatigue, pain, nausea and vomiting. These results are based on research in China on lung cancer patients when treatment is added with vetch milk extract.

19.Apricot Seeds

The laetrile compounds are extracts of amygdalin contained in large quantities in apricot seed kernels.  This compound is banned in the United States although it is very powerful in treating tumors. Therefore, today the easiest way to benefit from a laetrile compound is to consume apricot seeds. Amygdalin in apricot seeds helps shrink the tumor. Amygdalin resembles a B complex vitamin, so it is named as B17 which is almost the same as vitamin b17.


Blueberry fruit contains anthocyanin substances that function to maintain brain health and are anti-cancer. Anthocyanins are photosynthetic pigments that make fruits and vegetables have color. Antosianin also acts as an antioxidant that can prevent the occurrence of blood vessel blockage and can slow the growth of cancer cells and serves as an anti-inflammatory compound that protects the brain from damage. You can make blueberry juice with other mixtures such as ginger and beets to get the maximum results.

21.Red Pomegranate

Red pomegranate contains ellagitanin compounds that have the benefit of killing brain tumor cells. Ellagitanin compounds known as Ellagic acid prevent the binding of carcinogens to DNA and strengthen connective tissue that can prevent cancer cells from spreading and inhibit cancer cell mutations. Ellagic acid is also considered a cancer inhibitor that has the ability to cause apoptosis or normal cell death in cancer cells.


Mangosteen fruit contains xanthones which is a scientifically proven active compound capable of improving body health. There are 41 xanthones in the mangosteen fruit that six of them have been proven capable of killing brain tumor cells. Garcenone-E is one of the most powerful xanthones to kill brain tumor cells more effectively than 5 of 6 chemotherapy drugs. There are many ways to get the benefits of xanthones from the mangosteen skin by making it as a powder or by making it into juice.

23.Wolfberry (Goji Berry)

Wolfberry fruit contains polysaccharides that can increase interleukin-2 as an anti-tumor. In addition, another ability of the wolfberry fruit is its ability to induce cancer cell apoptosis.


In research found that berry seeds containing ellagitannins can inhibit the development of esophageal cancer cells. Raspberries also contain phytonutrients that are able to protect us from cancer and shrink some types of tumors. You can make it into raspberry juice and mix it with some ingredients like honey to treat a tumor.

25.Grapefruit, Tangerines and Lemons

You can make orange juice or add it in warm tea. Tangerine peel contains Nobiletin and Tangerine which is a flavonoid compound, these compounds can make deaths for brain tumor cells. In addition, the content of flavonoids in the fruits above can stimulate carcinogen detoxification by the liver.

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