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20 Strategies How to Prevent Brain Cancer Naturally with Diet, Foods, Vegetables, Acupuncture and Lifestyle


Brain cancer is one of the most feared diseases of most people. Brain is the most important organ in our body because it controls all activities such as moving, thinking, talking and controlling emotions.

Brain cancer treatment through chemotherapy or surgery does not guarantee the patient recover completely. This is because the nature of the brain that has soft characteristics that facilitate the spread of cancer cells in the brain. Most brain cancer patients have a longer life expectancy of only 10 percent.

This condition makes a lot of people trying to prevent themselves from being exposed to brain cancer. However, many people do not know that the habits and lifestyle they are living contribute greatly to the onset of this disease.

In addition to lifestyle, there are several factors that contribute to brain cancer such as age, radiation exposure, and the presence of other cancers that extend into the brain. The risk of brain cancer will increase with increasing age. Brain cancer also occurs because of a history of cancer in your family, if any of your family has cancer, then you also have a high risk for cancer.

Radiation exposure also plays a role in increasing your risk of brain cancer. Radiation such as ultraviolet (UV) becomes one of the causes of cancer, besides pollution and phone radiation also causes cancer.

Preventing brain cancer can be done in many ways such as diet, boost immunity and make healthy lifestyles. Diets not only delay or reduce eating and drinking, but there are many other benefits such as healing brain cancer. There are two types of diet that is suitable for patients with brain cancer are low-calorie diet and ketogenik diet.

1. Low-calorie diet

One of the benefits of low-calorie diet is to limit the calories in the body so as to limit the process of brain cancer cell metastasis. Fasting or low-calorie diet according to some studies can prevent the spread of cancer cells. Caloric restriction in the body as Dr. Simone can create a kind of shield or confinement around the tumor that makes it difficult for cancer cells to come out and spread to normal cells in the body.

The process of metastasis is a term for the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. Cancer cells will develop starting from the spread throughout the body. This spread begins when there is a separation of cancer cells from its mother and attacks to nearby normal tissues. Then cancer cells will multiply in new places. It is important to note that the process of cancer cell metastasis is an important factor in the development of cancer cells because it is responsible for most deaths from cancer. There are many factors that make the spread of cancer cells faster like genetic and immune factors.   

2. Ketogenic diet

Brain cancer cells develop and survive only with glucose metabolism. So when the condition of glucose in the body is low, it will slow the development of brain cancer cells. When the glucose content in the body is low, the body will use ketones as the main energy source. Ketones are produced from foods that have high fat content. Ketones are substances produced by the liver when the body breaks down fat for energy, which is then released into the blood. Ketones also serve to improve concentration and focus because it also nourishes the brain through the ketosis process.

One way to increase ketone in the body is to do ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is a diet that limits foods that have carbohydrates and switch to high-fat foods. This diet forces the body to use fat (ketones) as the main energy source. Some foods that you can make as ketogenic diet menu is seafood, eggs, meat and more.

Some brain tumor sufferers recover with Ketogenic diets such as Andrew Scarborough.

3. Folic acid diets

Folic acid diets are recommended to prevent cancer cells from spreading to the body. In the diet of folic acid is recommended to consume daily 400 mg. If you use foods such as spinach, oranges, nuts, berries and rice for the diet, then additional folic acid you can use.

4. Boost immunity

Immune is one factor that causes the rate of spread of brain cancer cells. The more you have a good immune level, then the spread of brain cancer cells will be slower.  Basically cancer cells exist in every human body. When the abnormal cells begin to develop, the immune cells immediately destroy them. But in people who have impaired immunity as in people who are stressed or are old, the balance between cancer cells and immune cells begin to be disturbed. Immune cell balance that loses to cancer cells makes cancer cells easy to develop.

How to treat brain cancer cells with the above principle is brain cancer cells will not develop in a healthy body and have a strong defense. Therefore boosting the body’s immunity is expected to stop the growth of cancer cells. This can increase the age of patients affected by brain cancer and improve the quality of life. This method can be combined with other treatments to not only inhibit the growth of brain cancer cells, but also kill it through cryo surgery, local chemotherapy and other therapies.

5. Consuming Vitamin C

Consuming vitamin C is one way to boost immunity for patients with brain cancer. Cancer cure foundation has recommended vitamin C as an adjunctive therapy for patients with brain tumors because it can remove toxins and balance the nutrients in the body. Another benefit of vitamin C is as an antioxidant that can eradicate free radicals in the body and can also boost your immune system. Should consume at least 75mg of vitamin C in a day.

Vitamin C used in Chelation therapy in some cases can treat brain cancer. Sailing therapy using vitamin C provides a pro oxidant effect for the body that can destroy tumor cells and protect normal cells from cell damage. This therapy is most commonly used to remove calcium deposits from the arteries.

In addition to consuming foods rich in vitamin C in large quantities and using it as a therapy, a mixture of vitamin C and vitamin B12 is also shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also extend the life of patients such as research conducted by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock. A mixture of vitamin C and vitamin B12 for the treatment of brain cancer can be obtained by drinking fruit juice. Choose fruit that contains vitamin C and B12.

6. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water in sufficient quantities, can keep you strong when you have a brain tumor. Brain tumors have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Drinking water in large quantities can keep your body protected from dehydration when your appetite falls. In addition, water can also eliminate toxins due to chemotherapy process and keep the body cells still operate normally.

7. Eat more whole grains

Whole grains contain lots of fiber so good for the health of the body. Some studies reveal that high-fiber diets can protect against ovarian, breast, endometrial and digestive cancers. In addition, low-sugar grains reduce your blood sugar. Excess blood sugar will lead to a higher risk for Colorectal cancer. Excess blood sugar occurs due to excessive consumption of white bread, potatoes, pasta, and sweet cakes.

8. Choose clean foods

Choose meat that does not contain antibiotics and additional hormones that can cause cancer. This also applies to fruits and vegetables, choose fruits and vegetables that are free from peticides. You can go to organic fruits and vegetables even though the price is much more expensive.

9. Eat more green vegetables

The green color of the vegetables has a lot of magnesium content that is useful to reduce the risk of colon cancer in women. You can find an abundance of magnesium in spinach. You can get up to 75 mg of magnesium just by consuming ½ cup of spinach. Broccoli is also useful for the prevention of brain cancer by protecting the brain from abnormal cell growth causes cancer because it contains high antioxidants. The fiber content in broccoli is also beneficial in digestion. In addition to spinach and broccoli, nuts, cabbage, tomatoes can also prevent the occurrence of brain cancer.

10. Drink coffee every day

If you are a fan of coffee, there is good news for you. Several studies conducted in the US and Europe prove that consuming coffee every day can reduce the risk of up to 40% for Glioma.

11. Consumption of anti-cancer phytonutrients

There are many herbs and vegetables that can limit cellular damage by free radical attack, reduce brain inflammation, and turn off communication signals from brain tumors. Herbs and vegetables containing anti-cancer Phytonutrients include dark green vegetables, turmeric, ginger, green tea and oregano.

12. Do not underestimate the headache

If you have headaches for long periods of time and are difficult to recover, then you should be vigilant. One of the symptoms of brain cancer is a headache, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment. Many people with brain cancer, who previously had symptoms of headaches, but they ignore them, so when they go to the doctor they are already at a deadly stage.

13. Soak the meat before it is burned

Soak the meat with rosemary and thyme for one hour before you process it, because it can reduce the risk of cancer. When the meat is roasted in a high temperature it will form a Heterocyclic amines (HCA) that causes cancer. By soaking it first with spices that contain antioxidants will reduce the risk of Heterocyclic amines (HCA) formation up to 87%.

14. Stop smoking

Cigarettes can be one of the causes of secondary brain cancer, although most smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. This can be explained as follows, when a person has lung cancer, the cancer cells in the lungs can spread into the brain and cause brain cancer. Therefore if you are currently smoking, then you should think again to stop it.

15. Avoiding excessive stress

Avoiding excessive stress is the thing you need to do to prevent the occurrence of brain cancer. Everyone may experience stress, but you can avoid it with more rest time, traveling or doing other fun things when you’re having a lot of trouble. If you are easily stressed, you will be susceptible to various diseases one of them brain cancer. This happens when people are experiencing stress, then the immune decreased so easily attacked by disease.

16. Enough night’s sleep

Brain cancer prevention can also be done by getting enough sleep at night. Lack of sleep duration at night can inhibit the natural process of glymphatic systems that can affect a person’s cognitive function. The glymphatic system is a detoxification pathway in eliminating naturally occurring toxic waste, which accumulates during the day. You should sleep at least 6 hours at night.

17. Detoxification and acupuncture

If you often do detoxification, then your body will always be free from toxins, which can cause the occurrence of brain cancer. The process of detoxification is also useful in the treatment of brain cancer because it can slow the development of brain tumor cells. While acupuncture can relieve pain and inflammation in patients with brain cancer.

18. Routine exercise

Exercise regularly every day can prevent cancer. Being overweight can lead to increased hormone productivity in women who play a role in the occurrence of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. So with regular exercise will minimize our risk of obesity and cancer.

19. Avoid using CT scan if not necessary

The radiation generated from the CT scan device is greater than the radiation from the x-rays. High radiation can cause cancer or leukemia. If necessary, you can choose the use of ultrasound or with MRI.

20. Keep your mobile device in sleep

At this time, we can not avoid the use of cellular, therefore we can only limit it According to WHO, electromagnetic field of mobile phone is one of human carcinogen. The use of cellular phones according to several studies such as inter phone study led to an increased risk of brain tumors. The longer the use of mobile phones, the risk of brain tumors is also increasing. There is a link between the diagnosis of brain cancer against cell phone use before the age of 20 years and the continued use of more than 10 years.

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